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How to Stay Active at Your Desk Job

At some point in time you may have heard just how bad it is for you to sit all day long. If you haven’t heard, the health risks are being compared to how bad it is to be a smoker. Approximately 86% of Americans have a “desk job”. So how do you stay active if you are required to work behind a desk for long periods of your day? There are a select group of dubbed “morning people” that are committed to getting exercise in before they have to go to work. But if that’s not for you, try some of these exercises that can get you up and moving during your work day!

1. Use a stand up desk

If your job allows it, try using a stand up desk. You can purchase adjustable ones that allow you to build up stamina to be able to stand for long periods of the day. Even being able to stand half of the day is a great length of time. 

2. Invest in a fitness tracker that tells you it’s time to stand!

A great purchase that has helped me is an Apple Watch. This is not a plug for them or because of any affiliation, it is just a great tool to let you know that you have been sitting for too long. The great thing about it is it will tell you when you’ve taken sufficient steps and can return to your sedentary position. If you’re not jumping on the Apple Watch bandwagon, research other fitness trackers that can do something similar. 

3. Stretch

At some point in your day, take time to stretch and get your blood flowing. You don’t have to have a lot of room and get crazy with a bunch of yoga poses. Just do something simple, such as stretching your arms up and over your head or rotating your shoulders forward and backward. If you’re able to stand, try windmill toe touches. You’ll be amazed how much simple stretches can help with your desk posture.

4. Use an exercise ball as your chair

Another great way to help with your posture is using an exercise ball instead  of a chair. This will help strengthen your ab and back muscles and will result in better posture.

5. Work out during lunch

If you can’t find time in your day to squeeze in any exercising, try working out during your lunch break. If you can’t get to your personal trainer during your lunch break 😉 try going for a walk around the building or drive to the closest park. Once again, it’s all about breaking the sedentary cycle so anything is better than nothing. 

The biggest thing is don’t over think it, because ultimately you’ll create an excuse. Just try changing something. It doesn’t always have to be some extravagant life changing goal to actually have a beneficial impact on your overall health. 

Do you have any exercises you do at work? We’d love for you to share them!

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